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Building AI

The gMeter® platform is AI and automation for your Building.

Energy Management

gMeter® at its core is an energy management system for measuring all of your utilities. This includes energy, water & gas. This includes sophisticated real-time data collection including historical reporting. The system also includes a billing module.

Building AI

gMeter® is AI for your building. While measuring all aspects of your building operations and performance, it also serves as an audit tool for your building management system and can communicate to your BMS over standard protocols such as BACNET.

energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the practice of making systems efficient and eliminating waste. It's not one thing, but in the case of buildings, a multitude of technologies and stragies that are used to save energy. The first and most important step is measuring the usage of the building, and then applying energy efficiency technologies in all areas such as HVAC, lighting, motors, appliances, building envelope, windows and more.

Power Meters

We have Power meters to meet every need including revenue-grade and non-revenue grade meters for both commercial and residential applications.

Water Meters

We have smart water meters to meet any size need. This includes both wireless and wired meters and inline meters as well as ultra-sonic strap on meters.

Gas Meters

gMeter® measures natural and propane gas. Wether you are measuring your kitchen, laundry, pools or tiki torches on your property, we have a gas meter to fit your need.

WiFi Enabled IOT

Our system works with standard WiFi networks along with ethernet and wired networks.


gMeter® has the ability send text or email alerts based on a thresholds or outages. Your smart enabled building is now on watch 24/7.

IOT Sensors

gMeter® can sense all kinds of environmental elements such as temperature, humidity, light and more.

Cloud Enabled

gMeter® is fully cloud enabled making your data accessible to all of your devices.

Real-Time Data

gMeter® provides real-time data collection giving you immediate actionable data.

Building AI

gMeter® provides AI to your building enabling advanced understanding of your building performance through EM&V.

Historical Tracking

gMeter® was built to track and keep all of your usage data so that you can properly manage your building, while understanding it's operation over time.

Building Benchmarking

gMeter® can benchmark your building, helping you understand and measure building and retro-fit performance.

Plays Nice with Others

gMeter® plays nice with other systems including sharing data over standard protocols such as BACNET or buliding API bridges to communicate.

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Your data is dollars.

Your data is the key to finding and understanding your building's performance. First you need to measure, but with measurement comes the ability find and eliminate the waste.

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